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    Wan Chai’s Our Story

    WanChai'sOur Story

    WAN CHAI - 1928 Roast & Noodle Bar
    WAN CHAI – 1928 Hong Kong secret recipes Noodle & Roast Bar, is a new exciting fast casual concept. Customers will be able to come on a journey to the streets of Hong Kong and experience a local neighborhood destination. Wan Chai is proudly working with a 2nd generation family from Hong Kong with their own unique recipes. Wan Chai main focus is to give our Vietnamese customers a real taste of true authentic street style food experience.

    Farmto table

    WAN CHAI - 1928 Roast & Noodle Bar
    Wan Chai is proud to carry the philosophy of “farm to table” experience in our foods with the support of our partners, who have their our own farms in Binh Duong, Ben Tre, Hue,… in which we shall be able to provide all fresh daily products for Wan Chai. WAN CHAI is set to become Vietnam iconic fast casual experience where the customers would visit regularly.

    WanChai'sHead Chef

    La Tien Cuong – a Chinese born in Vietnam with a passion for cooking since he was young. His cooking philosophy requires the fresh ingredients and the clean presentation as he believes all food needs to be well-respected so the customers could taste all the flavor to the fullest

    Born in 1983, until now he has been working more than 20 years in cooking and be working in from the small local food store to 05 stars restaurants allow him to observe and develop the creativity in his cooking career.

    Noodle Soups

    Signature Duck Pancakes


    Cantonese wok fried eggs

    Side dishes

    WAN CHAI Roast with rice

    12 hours slow cooked congee


    Drinks Menu